Thai Massage

Therapeutic touch is known to release chemicals with relaxing and healing effects, the skin's nerve receptors transmit the impulses and sensations that circulate throughout the body and the mind.

Receiving a massage is always a good experience, whether you are pregnant or not.

During pregnancy, massage helps with the decrease of disconforts and help to strength the immune system. 

Pregnant women who receive massages relate that they sleep better, suffer less from anxiety and depression and also have diminished risk of complications in labor. 

It is effective in relieving many of the discomfort caused by pregnancy, as well as providing body awareness and relaxation.

Some of the beneficts of Thai Massage during pregnancy are:

- Decreasing stress and increasing a profound sense of relaxation.

- Touch provides emotional and phisical support.

- Reduces and relieves joint, neck and back pain caused by changes in posture, muscle weakness, tension and weight gain.

- Direct ation in the nervous system helps with sleep and digestion.

- Improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

- Helps with skin elasticity.

- Promotes body awareness and the relaxation required for an active birth.

- Promotes the experience of loving and welcoming touch and strengthens mother / baby bonds.

Session: 60 minutes

Valor sessão : 50 €*

Pack 5 sessões : 225 €

Pack 10 sessões : 450 €

*includes travel costs in the municipality of Alenquer. For other locations, add €0.36/Km + tolls when applicable.

A massagem é efetuada no domicílio da cliente ou em local a indicar. Todas as medidas de segurança são tomadas para a proteção da cliente e da  terapeuta.


Thai Massage for adults and children

Massagem para adultos e crianças


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