Doula _ Gravidez, Parto e Pós-parto

O acompanhamento da doula está disponível para quem procura um apoio integrativo e complementar com informação baseada em evidências científicas, de forma permitir que a grávida e sua família possam fazer escolhas informadas.

This support is adjustable to the needs of the families, and a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended for a calming and clarifying experience. They are individual and personalized sessions lasting up to 120 minutes, online or in person.

São sessões individuais e personalizadas com duração até 120 minutos, online ou presenciais.

In Doula support sessions it is possible to work on various topics such as:

  • The basic needs of women in labor
  • Pregnancy and emotions
  • The fear of labor
  • Labour Stages
  • Types of Labor
  • Hospital Procedures
  • Labor Signs
  • Natural Pain Relief Techniques
  • Birth Plan and Post Partum
  • Breastfeeding Plan
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Care
  • Others  

We have available the option ONLINE and LIVE. Each family will choose what suits them best!


Online Sessions

Online Session: 50€

Pack 5 online sessions + aditional information: 235€

Pack 10 online sessions + aditional information: 475€


  • Presential session*: 65€
  • Pack 5 presential session + aditional information: 300€
  • Pack 10 presencial sessions + aditional information: 625€

Offers included:

  • Full availability of the doula via WhatsApp and E-mail for support, clarification of doubts and hugs during the entire period of pregnancy up to 1 month after delivery.
  • PostPartum Visit

Other Services:

  • Acompanhamento do Trabalho de Parto e Parto

Labor and Childbirth Support: service available for families that hire a doula monitoring service during pregnancy.


On request


*includes travel costs in the municipality of Alenquer. For other locations, add €0.36/Km + tolls when applicable.

* As sessões presenciais estão disponíveis mediante marcação e todas as medidas de segurança são tomadas para a proteção da família e da doula.


Sessões de acompanhamento individual e personalizado com duração de até 120 minutos, online ou presenciais.


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