Doula in Pregnancy , Labor and PostPartum

The doula support is available for those looking for an integrative and complementary support with information based on scientific evidence, in order to allow pregnant woman and her family to make informed choices.

This support is adjustable to the needs of the families, and a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended for a calming and clarifying experience. They are individual and personalized sessions lasting up to 120 minutes, online or in person. São sessões individuais e personalizadas com duração de até 120 minutos, online ou presenciais.

In Doula support sessions it is possible to work on various topics such as:

  • The basic needs of women in labor
  • Pregnancy and emotions
  • The fear of labor
  • Labour Stages
  • Types of Labor
  •  Hospital Procedures
  • Labor Signs
  • Natural Pain Relief Techniques
  • Birth Plan and Post Partum
  • Breastfeeding Plan
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Care
  • Others  

We have available the option ONLINE and LIVE. Each family will choose what suits them best!


Online Sessions

Online Session: 50€

Pack 5 online sessions + aditional information: 235€

Pack 10 online sessions + aditional information: 475€


  • Presential session*: 65€
  • Pack 5 presential session + aditional information: 300€
  • Pack 10 presencial sessions + aditional information: 625€

Offers included:

  • Full availability of the doula via WhatsApp and E-mail for support, clarification of doubts and hugs during the entire period of pregnancy up to 1 month after delivery.
  • PostPartum Visit

Other Services:

  • Acompanhamento do Trabalho de Parto e Parto

Labor and Childbirth Support: service available for families that hire a doula monitoring service during pregnancy.


On request


*includes travel costs in the municipality of Alenquer. For other locations, add €0.36/Km + tolls when applicable.

*  Given the current situation caused by the pandemic, presencial sessions are available after schedulle and all security measures are taken to protect the family and the doula.


Personalized sessions lasting up to 120 minutes, online or presencial.


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