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The way we are born affects a lifetime and be a part of this process is wonderful.

Maternalvita is Birth with everything that characterizes it:
Love, Pain, Joy, Strength, Respect, Support, Change, Welcoming, Listening, Care.

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About Maternalvita

Maternalvita's mission is to provide families with a personalized, caring, experienced and close accompaniment - as a complement to that provided by the health professional who accompanies the pregnancy.

We know very well how important it is to have someone to listen to us, to welcome us, to understand us, to respect our rhythm, and to take care of our physical and emotional well-being in such a challenging moment of our lives.

I am Carla Sousa, founder of Maternalvita and my purpose is, always, to respect the families' choices, to listen to them, to welcome them with love and to support them in making informed decisions, without any fundamentalism and regardless of the environment in which the baby is born and the way he/she is born.

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Please find the answers to some frequent questions and feel free to enlight the remain ones with me.

A doula is someone who is trained and knowledgeable about the physiology of pregnancy and birth, provides emotional and informational support based on scientific evidence (whenever possible), and has the skills to accompany families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Since the beginning of time, people have given birth with the support of other people. The word doula is a Greek word meaning "one who serves," designating people who cared for others during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. doula is a Greek word meaning "one who serves", referring to people who cared for others during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

There are numerous benefits scientifically proven that advise the Doula support. Cochrane Library of Evidence-Based Medicine makes very clear the importance of doulas in improving birth outcomes and family satisfaction with childbirth, thus demonstrating that the care offered by doulas is supported by clear evidence.

  • 50% reduction in cesarean sections;
  • 25% reduction in the lenght of labor;
  • 30% reduction in the use of forceps;
  • 40% reduction in the use of oxytocin;
  • 60% reduction in the use of epidural analgesia;
  • 30 % reduction in the use of pain medication.

And some more important positive results:

  • Increase in breastfeeding rates;
  • Decrease in postpartum depression rates;
  • Increased maternal satisfaction;
  • Mother-baby strong bonding

The Doula should be able to provide scientific evidence-based information (whenever possible) and emotional support at this stage of families' lives, specifically:

✓ Supports physical and emotional recovery of experience;

✓ It supports the person in his or her informed and conscious choices, promoting a greater bond between all family members in this event;

✓ Search for alternatives and complementary solutions whenever necessary.

✓ It is alert to situations that can lead to depression, seeking support from other health professionals, if necessary, in an attitude of prevention; 

✓ Presents and discusses the physical, emotional, psychologica changes inherent to this stage;

✓ Explains these processes with the help of various resources (audiovisual, books, films, brochures, etc.) and even in straight collaboration with other doulas and health professionals ;

✓ Help in making the birth plan (if this has not been done before), listening, welcoming and supporting the family in their choices, fears and concerns.

✓ Talk with the family about their emotional doubts, their relationship with their close family members, their partner, and/or companion, translating even in accessible language, the recommendations of the family doctor/other;

✓ It builds within you a sense of well-being, increasing, if possible, your self-esteem and confidence in your ability to take care of yourself, recovering your intuitive wisdom;

✓ The doula will support the entire process (regardless of how long it may last) in several follow-up sessions, making sure that the familie has their doubts clarified, whether on a physical, practical, or emotional level;

What a Doula Doesn't Do:

Doula's do not practice medical acts and do not make decisions for their clients.

  • Does not practice medical acts, such as: measure blood pressure, perform vaginal examinations , check the baby heart rate , make diagnoses, etc.
  • Does not make decisions for their clients: help them to obtain the necessary information so they can make their own decisions.
  • Como doula só acompanho famílias que estejam a ser devidamente seguidos, do ponto de vista clínico, por um profissional de saúde certificado para o efeitos

Maternalvita follows the Ethic Code of Rede Portuguesa de Doulas,, always keeping in mind the respect for the choices of each family that I accompany.

How it works?

Maternalvita's services are available by scheduled appointment and can take place online or in person according to the families' needs.